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Choose from thousands of certified translators and interpreters fluent in multiple languages and with niche specialisations.

Output Accuracy

Our translators' and interpreters' language services are provided following industry standards, assuring output accuracy and quality.

Time- and Cost-Savings

Recruiting and training could inflate your project cost. Eliminate these steps by connecting directly with a translator or interpreter. Immediately proceed with your project and be able to enjoy significant savings.

Diverse Areas of Specialisation

No matter the discipline you need help with, we have translators and interpreters with the expertise and relevant background to work on your project. You can easily find experts specialising in marketing, business and finance, legal, medical, industry and technical, literary, and more.

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We make it easy and convenient to find the expert translator or interpreter you need to complete your multilingual projects accurately and on time.


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Why Lingo Agents?

If you are still struggling to decide to try out Lingo Agents, allow us to give you the right reasons. Plenty of other individuals and companies experienced the advantage of using our platform in managing their translation or interpreting projects, and we hope you will experience it too.

Human Touch

Computer translation may provide immediate turnaround, but you cannot be sure about the quality of output you will receive. Lingo Agents can connect you with real translators and interpreters who will provide the language service you need with a human touch.


We want to ensure that clients get the best experience when working with any translators or interpreters they will find through our platform. That is why we carefully vet the experts we accept on board, ensuring they have the certification to practice and experience to deliver quality service to clients.


Our translators and interpreters are fluent in various language pairs, ensuring you find the right expert for your project—experience quality translation and interpreting services for over 100 languages and dialects worldwide.


They provide great interpreters for all our projects. They ensure high professional standards when it comes to delivered outputs.


When you use our platform, you can choose the translator or interpreter you want to work with. Without any go-between, you can talk directly to an expert and discuss your requirements and goals, eliminating miscommunication in the process.


Any language project you assign to a Lingo Agents' translator or interpreter will be acted upon with a sense of urgency without jeopardising quality. With that, you can be assured that your project will be handled and delivered according to the agreed time frame.


Majority of the translators and interpreters we work with combine their expertise with industry-level technologies to provide precise and reliable output to clients. This combination also helps increase efficiency while saving time and raising satisfaction.


We have streamlined the process of finding and working with certified translators and interpreters, eliminating unnecessary steps so you and your chosen expert can go straight to completing your project. Likewise, everything is done online, including sending your project files, eliminating travel time and extra costs.


We are committed to providing clients with the best quality language services from start to finish. If you encounter any problem using our platform or connecting with our translators or interpreters, our support team is available round the clock to provide the assistance you require.

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Manage complex, multilingual projects accurately, promptly and effectively.

Use Lingo Agents to find and work with a translator or interpreter with solid language fluency, technical skills, and customer service capability. In just three easy steps, you can get your language project completed by an expert with 100% accuracy in your target language.

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Jose Bethancourt
HR Director

They provide great interpreters for all our projects. They ensure high professional standards when it comes to delivered outputs.

Kevin Griffiths
Sales Director

Any language project taken on are checked before given to us, ensuring their accuracy, completeness, quality, and fulfilment of expectations.

Olivia Sacks
Marketing Manager

With just a few clicks, you can find the right language expert for your needs.