Improve your translation or interpreting skills and build valuable experience that will help boost your career.

If you are bilingual or a polyglot looking to get your career started in the translation and interpreting field, Lingo Agents have the right opportunity to help you prepare ahead for this career path. Join us as a trainee translator or interpreter and work with real clients from anywhere in the world. Handle a variety of projects that will expand your linguistics skills and build your experience, which can become your competitive edge in today's job market.


Trainee translator and interpreter: How it works

Competition is extremely high among translators and intepreters. So if you are interested to get into the translation and interpreting career path, you need to have more than the ability to speak and understand two or more languages.

An important means to distinguish yourself from the competition is to have the right skill set and practical experience in translation or interpreting. Lingo Agents offers you the opportunity to start working on those qualifications.

By joining us as a trainee translator or interpreter, you will have access to our platform and be ale to connect and work with real clients in need of translation and interpreting services. Take note, however, that you can only offer your services for free. In exchange, you will have the chance to gain exposure in various translation or interpreting projects, giving you a clear idea of how they are completed.

The program should also allow you to build valuable skills and experience that you can use later on when you start applying for jobs. As you know, almost 90% of today's employers prefer candidates with skills and experience to show. Having these qualifications on your resume will significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

Set yourself up in minutes and be on your way to using your expertise in helping others.

How being a trainee translator or interpreter for Lingo Agents can benefit you?

We understand if you are still undecided to pursue being a trainee translator or interpreter for Lingo Agents. After all, it is a deal that will not provide you with a pay packet for your time and effort. However, what we can guarantee you is that you will gain benefits that can greatly contribute in your professional development that can open up doors for you. Below are some of them.

A stellar profile

Build a profile by providing information about you, including your linguistic skills and the projects you have worked on and are open to doing. Let your profile do the work in inviting clients to work with you. There are thousands of individuals and businesses looking for trainee translators or intepreters like you right now.

Work on real projects

With real clients willing to work with you, expect to be given projects that will put your translation or interpreting knowledge to test. Be able to translate a variety of documents, participate in localising websites or apps, or interpret recorded conferences, meetings or other multilingual events.

Build skills and experience that can get you hired

As mentioned earlier, the right skills and experience can become your biggest differentiator once you start applying for work. Given that you will be able to complete real projects, you have every opportunity to hone your language and cultural knowledge, communication and research abilities, and information processing and project management skills, among others. You will also develop practical experience that will demonstrate your preparedness to take on more complex projects in a professional setting.

Demonstrate your linguistic skills and professional commitment with a certification

Skills and experience are no longer enough to attract clients as a translator or interpreter. It is vital that you also have a certification that will demonstrate your ability to excel in the job and your commitment to the profession. The great thing about being a trainee translator or interpreter at Lingo Agents is that we can offer you the certification you require. There are no other pre-requisite to get it other than knowing how to speak two or more languages as well as foundation knowledge of translation or interpreting.

Get a job or set up your own practice

Given the skills, experience, and certification that you can acquire through Lingo Agents, you have everything you need to impress employers. It is even possible to set up your own practice, especially if you like the idea of being your own boss and working at your convenience.

Hone your linguistic skills, build experience, and enhance your career prospects

Translators and interpreters are in high demand as a result of globalisation and increasing amount of content, with employment projected to grow by 24 percent from 2020 to 2030. If you want to pursue either profession, know that it takes more than just speaking and understanding multiple languages fluently. The right skills and experience is also critical to distinguish yourself and enhance your career prospects. That is what Lingo Agents can offer you. Apply as one of our trainee translators or interpreters today!