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Alan Q

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I work with a range of clients who are exploring questions of meaning and identity and seeking ways to live a more fulfilling life. Many of the clients who come to me are feeling overwhelmed and are looking to make changes in their lives, but do not know where to start and often have never had enough emotional support or space in which to explore their process and the recurring patterns in their life. Together, we work to understand issues such as anxiety, depression, a lack of motivation, authenticity, loss, or low self-esteem and look for a path to healing and growth.

I have over seven years of experience as an Therapist and provide a safe space in which clients can discover themselves. I use an extensive range of tools and therapies to work with clients that allow us to discover resources for healing and growth and choose the most beneficial way to achieve your goals.

Paramount to the healing process is a strong therapeutic relationship, which I focus on throughout our work together. I look forward to meeting you and helping you find your way forward on your journey of self-discovery and transformation.

46 reviews

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