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I'm a Russian-born, US-based professional interpreter who moved here in 2016. I'm a multilingual speaker, having learned English and Arabic in my early years. When I first arrived in the country, I attended university to take up business management. However, I eventually saw the importance of language in establishing and maintaining relationships, communicating across cultures, and overcoming obstacles. Due to that, I decided to change my degrees in my second year, switching to a bachelor's degree in translation and interpreting.

Soon after I graduated, I found work as a translator for a multinational language services company. Despite already having a job, I continued developing my professional skills and knowledge by reading articles, watching videos, and engaging in discussions with groups to stay updated with the changes in the world of translation and interpreting. I also completed my master's degree in translation and interpretation.

Today, I'm an independent translator and interpreter, working with clients across different fields. This work has allowed me to share my expertise and experiences with others, expand my social network, and become more aware of different cultures.

50 reviews

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