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I arrived in the UK in 2015 to seek better opportunities and help my family back in Kenya. At that time, I knew how to speak English but was not fluent enough in the language to warrant a graduate role despite my degree. So I worked hard and attended several programs to improve my English-speaking skills. I also volunteered with various organisations to gain more exposure to the language and improve my fluency. When I could, I attended university again while working full-time to take a Master's degree in English language and literature. Thankfully, my hard work paid off, and after graduating, I managed to land a job as an interpreter.

To this day, I work with individuals and organisations doing interpreting work. When I undertake interpreting assignments, I always put myself in my client's shoes to understand their challenges as non-English speakers, just as I was when I first arrived in the UK. So when I interpret, I always strive to match it to the emotion and intent of my clients, making sure to avoid any misunderstanding in the process.

If you need assistance with interpreting, feel free to connect with me.

17 reviews

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