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Jeana H

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I'm a professionally accredited interpreter who has been in the industry for over five years. I have a degree in computer science, so I started my career in the IT industry. I encountered financial hurdles a few years ago, pushing me to find an additional job to help me cover the bills. That's when I started learning about interpreting.

Before starting as an interpreter, I first underwent training to build my technical, linguistic, and professional skills. When I felt ready, I started applying for part-time interpreting jobs and was lucky enough to get accepted by a language services company. I still held my IT job back then, so I hustled hard.

Interpreting's challenging nature and the opportunity it provides to work with diverse people and environments inspired me to do it full-time. Hence, to this day, I work with clients from various industries, interpreting assignments, from meetings and conferences to court proceedings.

40 reviews

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